#KernBlog: Slow and Steady Results in Finishing Our National Scenic Trails

The sole mission of Hiking Trails for America is to advocate for the completion of our National Scenic Trails – by any means necessary. To that end, it is important that we occasionally check in on the progress of local and statewide trail clubs in acquiring land and eliminating gaps in these trails.

In Florida, the Florida Trail Association and the U.S. Forest Service has had some good fortune adding protected miles. In the past 3 years, over 33 miles of road walks have been removed.

On the Ice Age Trail, over the same period of time there have been 18 properties acquired, totaling 613 acres. They have removed 7.7 miles of off-road.

The Pacific Crest Trail Association has just summarized 2017: Over $2.5 million invested in land acquisitions. They bought 20 parcels totaling 1,556 acres that added 1.65 miles of secured footpath to the PCT.

Jim Kern

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